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How to Make Garage Doors Cheerful

01/14/2014 Back To Blog

Who said that having traditional garage doors is a must? The system must definitely be reliable and strong but the way the door panel looks like is up to you! It's rather personal whether you want a plain white overhead door or want a more cheerful color! Today, there are many products made especially for the decoration of garage doors, so the only thing you need to do is use your imagination to create different garage door faces each season. Some people love decorating the panel during Christmas and others won't miss the chance of sticking skeletons and spooky artifacts on the door for Halloween. Why don't you keep the door decorated every single day of the year! This way it would look good and make you more cheerful!

Small decorative ideas

Christmas is perhaps the best time to decorate the panels of your wood or glass doors. There is nothing more cheerful than opening a garage door, which sings cute little songs due to the small bells attached on the surface. Children would probably prefer the Halloween decorations with the little ghosts, witches, bats and pumpkins. On the other hand, why not keep some of these decorations throughout the whole year?

Clearly the best way to ensure the beauty of the door is choosing the right color. Why stick with white when there is a plethora of different powder coat shades to choose from! Don't be intimidated by intense colors, just make sure you like it and it matches your home. On top of that you can add some nautical themes, like little boats, sailors and nautical wreaths, at the center of the door. Why don't you keep the twinkling lights you hanged during the Christmas season? They would add more light in the perimeter and make your red aluminum overhead doors look good! Instead of garlands, you can place a couple of plants at both sides of the entrance in order to make it more elegant. You can even plant small trees around or put special made murals, which are washable and waterproof and can be changed easily.

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