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Short, practical tips about garage doors for everybody! We think tips help and our customers think so, too! We also notice that our clients are interested in various subjects related to garage doors, and mostly concerned about their safety. So we made a compilation of tips, and we hope you'll find them useful. Top tips for garage door repair and excellent ideas about ways to maintain the overhead door durable

  • Do the reversing test for safety

    This simple test can be done by placing a block that is 2 x 4 along the door path. If the garage door fails to reverse instantly on hitting the block, it means that you have to repair the opener or update the old opener to a newer version which has the reversing feature. To repair or install the new feature, get help from a skilled technician at Garage Door Repair Company in Belmont.

  • Regularly test the sensors

    You should test the door’s sensors regularly. By doing so, you are ensuring that the garage door will not close if it encounters an object, a pet, or a person. If your find the sensors faulty, our professionals at Garage Door Repair Belmont  recommend that you call us check and fix it immediately.

  • Sweep out Debris From the Tracks

    Debris has the tendency to build up and collect along the tracks of your garage door or garage door opener. Even small pieces can get lodged between the wheels, hinges, or other moving parts of the garage door and cause it to jam. Our experts suggest sweeping out debris from the tracks and keep them clean at all times.

  • Garage Door Inspection

    To avoid frequent repair jobs of the garage door, make sure you inspect it after decent intervals. Garage door repair Belmont professionals say that a simple glance on all of the working components would definitely do. This would ensure that any loose end is tightened, before it starts breaking.

  • Removing Ice from a Garage Door

    There are several different parts of a garage door. Although most are pretty robust, there are delicate ones too. In case of a jam or freeze, striking the hammer on those parts would be a bad idea. The key here is to use a heat gun or a simple hair dryer to melt the ice.

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